Use our Publishing knowledge and experience to help you: 

  • Understand your data and readership universe.
  • Understand the best way to profile readers and tag companies with demographics or SIC codes.
  • Cleansing and merging of existing data and external lists.
  • Write efficient issue run selection criteria to select the best possible readership for each magazine.
  • Streamlining list rental business and increase data rental sales.
  • Automate processes and data flow between 3rd party systems.


Email Campaign Management ? 

  • Is your current email campaign delivery system the correct system for you.
  • Are you taking advantage of the API's  (Application programming interface) of your email system to accept automated data from your     circulation/marketing database.
  • Are you automatically importing activity statistics back to your master database.
  • Are you using best practices for managing and storing Click-Thrus stats and Unsubscribes so that they are accessible to your master database.


Are you getting the most from your CMS and magazine/exhibition websites?

  • What stats are recorded and held by the current CMS system.
  • Can you track a users journey through the entire site, rather than them becoming anonymous after leaving the initial hop from an email campaign.
  • Is your use of Google Analytics sufficient to track all visits.
  • Can your current CMS expose required stats through an API, for example:
    • Which product category home pages are most popular.
    • Article views by product category (e.g. how many articles tagged as Motors have been viewed today)
    • How many video plays, cross-tabulated by the videos company or categorisation.
    • Banner impressions by site area (e.g. being able to tell which banners are most effective by their position)
    • Visits to company profile pages
  • Ability to enquire on a feature or company and the process in which readers and advertiser manage their leads.

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